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Conversation and Cultural Exchange Class (CCEC)

Would you like to practice your German(Swiss) or English, meet new people, and learn about other cultures while sharing more about your own? Then the CCEC may be just what you are looking. We are currently registering new participants for our new class beginning October 2024.

Conversation and Cultural Exchange Class (CCEC)
Conversation and Cultural Exchange Class (CCEC)

Time & Location

Oct 1 - Nov 5 - Dec 3 - Jan 7 - Jan 28

Sonnenhof, Alte Landstrasse 102, 6314 Unterägeri

Highlights of the Course

  • Bring together the local and international community.
  • Learn more about the community we live in and its traditions.
  • Practice speaking a second language to a variety of native speakers.
  • Gain more confidence when speaking a second language.
  • Get to know people within your community and feel more connected.

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