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We can Experiences


The best way to learn about a new place and meet new people is by getting out and exploring your new home.  

We offer you the opportunity to explore the beautiful Swiss Mountains here in Canton Zug.  We offer a variety of experiences to accommodate everyone.  Our Moonlight Hikes are a great way to find your hiking feet while having the opportunity to connect with other women.  Then once you are ready you can graduate to hiking to the highest point in Zug, Wildspitz for one of our Sunset Hikes. We make it possible for all by offering hikes of varying difficulties from beginner too advanced. 

Explore Aegeri & Connect with Others on Our Hike Series! 

Discover the beauty of Aegeri while making new friends! Join our hike series to explore the stunning landscapes of Aegeri and connect with other adventurous women. Guided evening hikes under the twilight sky provide the perfect backdrop for forging new friendships amidst nature's tranquility



Discover picturesque Unteraegeri on a leisurely hike to one of its stunning view spots. Enjoy a comfortable pace as we traverse tranquil landscapes, soaking in the natural beauty along the way. After about an hour of walking, we'll arrive at our destination, where breathtaking views await. Take a moment to savor the scenery and enjoy a refreshing drink before we begin our descent back. With a total round trip of 6-7 kilometers, this hike promises an unforgettable adventure filled with scenic beauty and relaxation. Join us for an enriching outdoor experience! 

Hike Series, Pick 1, or do them all.

White Cross Vista Hike
Thursday, May 16th

Gubel Date Night Hike
Wednesday, May 22nd

Zugerberg Best Grill Spot Hike
Thursday, June 13th

25 CHF price includes a guided hike up and down, headlamps when needed, and a drink of your choice. 

The total time of the experience is 3 hours. A minimum of 6  is required.

Guided Hike to Wildspitz 
Bring YOUR KIDS along hike


Looking for an activity to to do with your kids ?  Well I have got something that will keep them engaged and off their devices. Let's CLIMB Wildspitz TOGETHER. We can create a bespoke trip just for you and your friends.

We start off while the day is still cool making our way through the beautiful wooded forest. The hike up is meandering 3.5 k  and about a 400 m climb as we make our way to the the highest point in Zug, Wildspitz.  Here the kids can celebrate by signing the guest book and enjoying a mountain lunch (included in the price) and of course an ice cream.  

Total time of the experience is 5 hours.


Adult with one child = 110 CHF

for an additional child = 45 CHF

Price includes: Guided hike up and down to Wildspitz and a light lunch finishing with an ice cream. Drinks not included. 

Minimum of 4 people.

Happy Gang.jpg
Ladder Way to Wildspitz. 
A Morning Full of Adventure


Experience the Thrill: Adrenaline Hike

For the adrenaline junkies seeking a challenge, this hike is tailor-made for you. Ascend using the famous "ladders" and ropes to reach the summit. It's not for the faint-hearted, but it's an unforgettable experience and a proud achievement.

Journey to the Summit: Wildspitz Hike

Embark on a lovely hike through the forest to Zug's highest point, Wildspitz. Ascend 750 meters over 5 kilometers, taking breaks along the way. We start at 7:30 to savor breakfast from the rooftop terrace at Wildspitz, 1,580 meters above sea level, offering unparalleled views of the town.

Included in the Price of 65 CHF:

  • Guided hike up and down

  • Light breakfast and drink at the Wildspitz Mountain Hut

Total Experience Time: 4.5 hours

Group Size: Minimum 4, Maximum 8 participants

Join us for an exhilarating adventure and breathtaking views atop Wildspitz!

Because You Deserve It - RETREAT
Flims LAAX Falera 

OCTOBER 4-6,  2024

“Experience the Unforgettable” at one of our Weekend Fitness Retreats in the stunning FLIMS LAAX FALERA Resort, Switzerland.


You will be led through exhilarating and beautiful hikes which showcase the enchanting natural beauty of the area; from turquoise mountain lakes to enchanted forests that take your breath away.  Coupled with 3x endorphin releasing, feels so good, fitness sessions you will be encouraged to test your fitness levels, push your physical limits, and enjoy getting fitter and re-energised in the Swiss Mountain Countryside. 


Our Retreat offers the perfect blend of working your body and testing your limits through to relaxing and unwinding it is truly a weekend designed to (re)connect you with yourself, with nature, and with each other.

These weekends sell out quickly, so book your spot as soon as you can. ​

  • The Retreat requires a minimum of 10 people with a maximum of 12 people. Places are allocated on a first come, first served, basis.

  • The Retreat begins from 3pm on Friday and Finishes no later than 4pm on Sunday.

Mothers and Daughters,
Dad and Daughters and
Mother and Sons
Overnight Adventure on Wildspitz

For the mothers-daughters (girls between the ages of 10-14) who are looking to put away technology for the night and reconnect in the great outdoors.

Experience includes:

Guided night time hike to Wildspitz with morning return

Activities designed to reconnect with your daughter

Dinner and breakfast buffet

Overnight shared accommodations in the Wildspitz Hut


"It was so much fun! I learned so much more about my mum, and I feel we have bonded

together more than before!" Daughter

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