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Haunted Bunker


Zak Wesche

Atilia Jaszberenyi 

Bridget Enderli


Spider Trap

Rocky Smart

Elliot Smart

Violet Smart

Katie Hoffmann


Red Room

Tim Gratwick



Petra Hoop

Fredrique Hoop

Mirjam Gallo

Dialia Gallo


Death Trap

Chris Garnet

Naomi Garnet

Holly Garnet

Martyn Buttenshaw


Stranger Things

Mandy Rowlinson

Mark Propsal

Gemma Needham


Safety and Registration Team

Fiona Barbagallo

Patricia Lewis

Erika Eddles

Host Houses
Shooting Stars

Wild – Gasser Family

Bradley Family

Jung – Kim Family

Eckelmann Family

Weston Family

Geyer – Rom Family

Profit Family

Reich-Rohrwig Family

McCaig, Silverstrand, Religa

Tonga Neiss Family

Treharne Family

Nayyar Family

Petursson – Thorlacius Family

KindLine Familienzentrum

Nicol Family

Martell Gass Family

Ekdahl – Arnet Family

Göttler Family

Harris Family

Petes Place


Pumpkin Land

Buket Wesche

Katalain Jaszberenyi-Szabo

Rawan Ashkar - Khoury

Art Team and Extra Helpers

Bec Adams creator or the scarecrow

Gabriel Erhardt – Lewis Pumpkinman

Luke Alexander Werewolf

Children from Shooting Stars, creators of Pumpkin Numbers

Hayley Payne from Crafty Chameleon design of the Map

Thank you to the Aegeri community and all the Volunteers that made this night possible.  We want to thank you for pulling off another incredible Halloween for the children and their families.

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