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Halloween Information for Registered Guests

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, October 30th.  Please take a moment to read through these important bits of information to ensure you are prepared. This is a closed event and those who are not on the registration list will not be allowed to enter.



  • Children need a bag to collect their candy

  • Proper footwear is highly recommended on Scary Strasse (paths are muddy and rocky)

  • Bring a Flashlight


Additional ticket purchases will not be possible on day of event.  Please check your registration to ensure its correct. Tickets must be purchased for each event example Halloween Parade or Scary Strasse. If you wanted to do both two tickets would have needed to be purchased. We have a restricted number of people able to attend each event. 


  • Halloween Parade starts at 17:00 for all participants. Check in opens at 16:30 to ensure an on time start. 

  • SCARY STRASSE time slots can be found on your online registration form.  A copy of your registration form was automatically sent to you on the day you registered.  If you cannot find this registration form, first check your inbox by searching GOOGLE FORM.  If you cannot find the form and you forgot your time, please call me directly 079 262 00 66.


  • SCARY STRASSE Time slots: Arrival possible anytime with in the allotted time slot. Ex. 6:00 – 6:30 pm.  You can check in anytime between this time-period and then make your way towards Scary Strasse.   We strongly recommend carpooling to the event.


Halloween Check-in location

Boden 2, 6314 Unterägeri

Parking: There are 3 parking areas that are available to you.  Please be careful when parking as many children will be wearing costumes and dark clothes making it difficult to see them. We ask that families leave after their experience in order to free up parking for the next group.  Please see map below.





It is VERY, VERY dark.  The event takes place in the woods.  It is VERY, VERY dark. We suggest that everyone brings a flashlight with them. 


When Scary Strasse is too Scary. Turn on your flashlight to let the volunteers know to be less scary. 


Candy Stations

All Candy stations are marked with a HOT PINK balloon and yellow stick.  ALL children should have a bag to put their candy in as they pass by the candy stations.  There are 9 stations in the Halloween Parade and 10 on Scary Strasse.



Its cold! Dress warm and please wear appropriate footwear to walk in the woods.  It can be muddy and wet.


Photographs and Video

We would appreciate when possible if you would share your photos and videos of the event.  Also if you do post please #AegeriHallo . Our volunteers are so busy working that they won’t get the chance to enjoy and see all the Halloween experiences. When submitting photos you are agreeing that we can use this photo to market this event.


This event has been made possible through an incredible group of committed volunteers who have dedicated many (wo)men hours to make this Halloween Celebration a memorable experience.  I would like to thank all of them in helping Zak and I make this Halloween possible.  Please remember to thank them as they are scaring you in the woods.



Every family is welcome to participate by carving a pumpkin and entering it into the contest.  All carved pumpkins should be brought to the Halloween Celebration Location (address below) Between 13:00 - 15:00 on October 30.

Pumpkins will be on display the night of the event in Pumpkin Land for all to see.

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