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Evening Hike Series Registration

Explore Aegeri & Connect with Our NEW Hike Series! 

Discover the beauty of Aegeri while making new friends! Join our hike series to explore the stunning landscapes of Aegeri and connect with other adventurous women. Guided evening hikes under the twilight sky provide the perfect backdrop for forging new friendships amidst nature's tranquility.  Choose one, two, or all three hikes, priced at 25 CHF per person. Sign up for the full series for just 65 CHF and experience the full magic of Aegeri!


White Cross Vista Hike, Thursday, May 16 th

Enjoy breathtaking views of the Aegerivalley from the iconic White Cross. Perched high above Unteraegeri, this scenic spot offers panoramic vistas of local mountains and Lake Aegeri. The easy walk includes a short uphill climb, making it accessible for all skill levels. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding meadows and soak in the tranquility of this well-known vista.

Gubel Date Night Hike, Wednesday, May 22 nd

Looking for a romantic evening or a memorable outing with a friend? Join us for our Gubel Date Night Hike! Nestled high on the hill just before entering Aegeri from Zug, this hidden gem offers stunning views of Zug, Zugerberg, and Pilatus. Stroll through picturesque farmers' fields and discover one of the most captivating viewpoints in the area. We'll also introduce you to the restaurant under new management, adding a delightful culinary experience to your adventure.

Zugerberg Forest Grill Spot Hike, Thursday, June 13

Embark on a journey through the forest to uncover one of Aegeri's most beautiful grill spots on Zugerberg. Perfect for sharing with visiting families and large groups, this hike promises amazing views and an unforgettable stop along the way. While many paths lead to Zugerberg, we'll guide you to one of the shortest routes, ensuring you don't miss out on this exceptional experience.

Each experience is about 3 hours in length.  They are designed for beginners to intermediate hikers.  We enjoy a drink at the final destination before making our way back to the starting point. The hike included a guide, headlamp, and a drink of choice. The meeting spot is located in Unteraegeri. 

Cost: 25 Fr. Includes a guided hike and drink of choice.  The hike is limited to 18 participants. Please Complete the form below to register.  Idf you have any questions I can be reached at  079 262 00 66.

Evening Hike series registration

I understand that this walk goes across varied terrain, including muddy fields, possibly some steep hills, and can be in dim light.  I will dress appropriately for the weather, with sturdy footwear, including a sun hat or rainproof clothing as required. I realize the registration fee in non-refundable.

Gubel Hike is Canceled DUE to WEATHER

Select which walk you would like to join:
Select how many hikes you would like to join us on. Price is in (CHF)

Thanks for registering to our evening hike. Once you have registered you will be added to a what's app group for the hike where you will receive more information.. See you there!

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