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Ägeri Halloween Celebration

Mark your calendars because registration for our spine-chilling Halloween extravaganza opens on October 1st! This year, we're offering two thrilling options, each designed to cater to your family's preferred scare level.

MINI Trick or Treat - A Friendly Halloween Adventure 

Fun for All Ages exspecially the little ones!

👻 Best for ages up to 6 years
👻 Costume Parade

👻 Trick or Treat with 10 candy stops

Our MINI Trick or Treat event is perfect for families seeking a delightful Halloween adventure suitable for all ages. Join the costume parade, visit 10 candy stops, and collect sweet treats guided by a special map. It's a fun and friendly option that promises a memorable Halloween experience.

Trick or Treat with Haunted Bunker - Dare to Be Scared

👹 Trick or Treat around town 
👹 The Haunted Bunker for the Brave Souls (Ages 10 and Above) 


If your family loves spine-tingling thrills and scary surprises, choose Trick or Treat with Haunted Bunker! Recommended for kids aged 10 and above, this option allows you to embark on a traditional trick-or-treat adventure and, for the bravest, explore the bone-chilling Haunted Bunker. It's an unforgettable Halloween experience that will test your courage.

On OCTOBER 1st choose the scare level that suits your family best and get ready for a Halloween night filled with excitement, creativity, and spine-tingling thrills. 

We can't wait to see you there!



If you live in central Unteraegeri and can VOLUNTEER to be a Host House (candy stop) for this years Trick or Treat please contact me directly.   Volunteers get to the benefit of Pre-registering for the event and THEY are what makes TRICK or TREAT POSSIBLE.

Trick or Treating
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