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Ägeri Halloween 2023
A SPOOKtacular Night
SATURDAY, October 28th

It is that time of year again for Aegeri to come alive with witches, pumpkins and zombies.  A tradition that has us looking forward to October.  We've prepared a frightfully fantastic lineup of activities to ensure a spooktacular time for everyone in the community. Join us for a Halloween celebration that offers something for everyone.



NEW for our MiniTrick or Treaters

This year we have added a little something new for our MiniTrick or Treaters a COSTUME PARADE.  And for the bravest souls,  the Haunted Bunker is ready to give them a fright of a lifetime. 

CHOOSE which trick or treat experience suits your child/children's preferences and REGISTER to secure your spot.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: For those with their sights set on the Haunted Bunker adventure, please keep in mind that you'll need to book a specific time when you register.  If you plan to Trick or Treat with another family decide together what time suits you both.

This exclusive event is open to Aegeri residents ONLY, as it is made possible by the families of Aegeri who volunteer thei
r time, however Aegeri families are welcome to invite along their friends.

MINI Trick or Treat & Costume Parade


Is your little one too young or a bit wary of Halloween scares? No worries! Our Mini Trick or Treat event is tailored just for them. Join us in Birchenwäldi Park for a delightful adventure. Kids will embark on a candy-collecting journey with a map that leads to 10 candy stations. Each child receives an Official Candy Collection Bag, essential for receiving treats from host houses. It's a sweet and spooky experience perfect for kindergarteners and those who prefer a milder Halloween celebration.


CHF 25 per child includes:

  • Participation in the event

  • The OFFICIAL Aegeri T&T Candy Collection Sack

  • The OFFICIAL Aegeri T&T Map including special MINI loop.  Please note MINI tickets can do the whole Trick or Treat map if they wish.

  • One entry into the Costume Parade

  • One entry into the Pumpkin Contest

Schedule for MINI Trick or Treat:

  • Registration Opens at 16:30 

  • Costume Parade Around Play Park Begins at 17:00 

  • Mini Trick or Treat Starts at 17:30 and goes until 21:00 (Starting 30 minutes earlier for the little ones)


For those seeking a spine-tingling thrill, join us for Trick or Treat with the  Haunted Bunker! Explore the mysterious depths of the bunker, but beware - it's filled with dolls, clowns, and scenes from your favorite scary movies. This adventure is not for the faint hearted; it's meant to give kids a fright! Children will receive a map and an Official Candy Collection Bag to gather treats from host houses. Feel the adrenaline as you navigate this chilling maze of horrors. Remember, the Haunted Bunker has specific ticket times, so plan accordingly.


CHF 25 per child includes:

  • Participation in the event

  • The OFFICIAL Aegeri T&T Candy Collection Sack

  • The OFFICIAL Aegeri T&T Map

  • One entry into the The Haunted Bunker (select your time slot during registration)

  • One entry into the Pumpkin Contest

Schedule for Trick or Treat:

  • Registration Opens at 17:30 

  • The Haunted Bunker opens at 18:00 

  • Trick or Treat Starts at 18:00 and goes until 21:00 

Trick or Treat & Haunted Bunker


Calling all pumpkin enthusiasts! Showcase your creativity and carving skills in our Pumpkin Contest. There are three categories, and fantastic prizes await the winners, each with the value of CHF 25 Each child who particpates can enter.

1 Kilo



CHF 25
Gift Card

Pete's Place CHF 25 Gift Card


1. Choose Your Category 

  • Scary 👻

  • Most Creative 🧙‍♀️

  • Funniest 🤣

2. Carve Your Pumpkin

  • Get creative and carve your pumpkin according to your chosen category. Let your imagination run wild!

3. Drop-off Your Pumpkin 

  • On Saturday, October 28th, between13:00 - 16:00, bring your beautifully carved pumpkin to Pumpkinland at The HUT, located in front of 25 LidoStrasse.

4. Join the Halloween Fun 

  • Your pumpkin will be proudly displayed throughout the TRICK or TREAT festivities on October 28th.

5. Discover the Winners 🏆

  • On October 29th, stay tuned to find out if you've won! We'll announce the champions in each category. PRIZE VALUE CHF 25.

Drop of your pumpkin for the contest
Saturday, October 28th - BETWEEN 13:00 - 16:00

Pumpkin Contest

Check-In Locations

Everyone needs to check in to receive their OFFICIAL Candy Collection Sack and Map. There are two locations depending on your ticket.

MINI'S TRICK OR TREAT with Costume Parade Check-In 
Unteraegeri Play Ground


Check-In opens at 16:30


*If you have children that are also registered for the T&T + Bunker Tickets they can check-In here with you. Check-in opens at 16:30.

TRICK OR TREAT with Haunted Bunker Check-In
Unteraegeri Music School
Alte Landstrasse 110, 6314 Unterägeri


Check-In opens at 17:30

Tips for Trick or Treat

Remind your children of street safety.  Kids will be wearing costumes making it hard to see. 


Organize small groups to walk with.  As it gets dark its hard to recognize who is who out there.  Why not start with some friendly faces.


  • Flash light – the sun sets at 18:10 and it gets dark quickly

  • Water – kids crave water after sampling their treats

Questions and Answers

Q: Can friends join if they don't have a ticket?

A: We appreciate your enthusiasm to include friends, but the Aegeri Halloween Trick or Treat event is exclusively for registered participants. To provide the best experience for everyone and avoid overcrowding at the host houses, we have a limited number of tickets available. This ensures that the event remains enjoyable for all attendees.

Q: Do we need to all start at the same point on the map?

A: No.  You do need to come to CHECK-IN to receive your OFFICIAL CANDY COLLECTION SACK and HOUSE MAP in order to get started.  But after that you begin visiting houses anywhere on the Map.

Q: Can we visit houses not on the map?

A: Only visit the houses  on the map that have agreed to participate in our event. This event is being mindful of the rest of the community.

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